Property is our strength

Metroland Australia is a dynamic company whose core businesses revolve around property.

Metroland's core business lies in property development. We have a long track record of successful developments in New South Wales, Australia, and pride ourselves on the uniqueness of each development. Please click on the "Property Development" link to the left to view some of our more recent properties, as well as for more information on Metro Plaza Central in Haymarket, which represents our largest development to date.

Supporting our property development business are our construction and funds management businesses. Metroland Constructions is home to some of our most highly skilled and talented individuals who as a team are able to deliver results which consistently surpass our clients' expectations.

Metroland Funds Management is a fund manager specialising in directing retail and wholesale investments towards property development projects and investment assets.

What sets Metroland apart from most other developers is not size. We are a relatively small but rapidly growing company listed on the ASX. What sets us apart is our ability to punch above our weight and successfully develop properties which are the envy of our larger competititors and which are highly desired by home-buyers and investors. Combined with our extensive contacts with business partners and suppliers in Asia and China, we believe we have a business strategy that succeeds and which gives us an edge in the property market.

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