Where have we come from?

Since listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1997, we have grown primarily through property development in NSW. Our growth has been driven by thoroughly researched and carefully managed investments in key commercial and residential locations in Sydney.

Since 2005, in response to a flatter residential market, we've been diversifying our growth strategy. We see commercial investments as a significant part of our future growth and have bold plans including shopping centres, retail operations and retail construction.

Where are we going?

At Metroland, we continue to work hard to strengthen our core in property development, whilst diversifying further into property investment, management and construction. Furthermore, we are:

  • Building on a solid foundation of assets by making informed and strategic decisions.
  • Pursuing design and innovation by responding to demographic and industry changes.
  • Forming enduring relationships with our customers, partners, agencies and communities.

Metroland has been structured to enable centralised control while allowing a high degree of independence for each company within the group. While every unit is given the freedom to grow and develop independently, it is also responsible for managing costs and generating profits. This allows us to pursue ambitious growth strategies in a way that limits risks to the group as a whole without limiting potential.

Working to a core set of values

Corporate ethics
We pursue growth, diversification and the creation of shareholder wealth, as a responsible corporate citizen. The Board of Directors is accountable to all stakeholders and is fully responsible for Metroland's governance in accordance with the law.

Customer satisfaction
We listen attentively to our clients. Our developments provide stimulating and enjoyable places to live and to work, and embody the contemporary lifestyle aspirations of our customers.

We value our diverse and representative body of knowledge and experience. We work as a team, combining intuitive business sense, practical insight and methodical research and analysis. This allows us to make informed, insightful and strategic property investment decisions.